Implementing data exchange platforms

The “once only” principle underscores the need for secure and scalable data exchange among authorities within the public sector. A data exchange platform is indispensable to drive efficient digital government operations.

Estonia is a top performer in the digitalisation of public services (DESI 2022), and our team at eGA has two decades of experience in tailoring solutions for various countries, addressing their specific challenges in data exchange implementation. Drawing insights from their diverse requirements, maturity levels and governance models ensures consistent identification of the best approach, grounded in practical experience.

We collaborate to deploy the most suitable solutions and establish local capacity for maintaining data exchange services. Through our support, you gain a resilient and invaluable asset for modern digital governance.

What we provide

eGA’s support for implementing data exchange platforms includes the following:

  • Identifying barriers to data exchange
  • Establishing a robust governance model
  • Deploying the most suitable solution
  • Conducting an initial data exchange service pilot
  • Building local capacity to sustain the platform
  • Providing ongoing operationalisation support