e-Estonia conference: The information society for everyone


The focus of this conference was the question: What kind of e-state does Estonia actually want? The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, which is responsible for the development of the information society, provided an overview of the progress of and future plans for e-Estonia. Renowned foreign speakers invited to the conference placed the development of Estonia’s information society in an international context. There were also workshops at which attendees were able to have their say on the needs of the information society at the local level and from the point of view of ordinary citizens and the business sector.

9. 30 Registration, morning coffee
10.00 Opening the conference, welcoming
10.10 Session I: Estonian e-Government in a developing phase Moderator Rainer Kattel, Tallinn University of Technology, Professor Edgar Savisaar, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications: Development of the Information Society by the Public AuthoritiesJerry Mechling, Leadership for a Networked World Program Faculty Director, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University: Estonian e-Government on international comparisonIvar Tallo, Director of the e-Governance Academy: Vision of e-Estonia for the year 2020
11.30 Coffee break
12.00 Session II: e-Services for everybodyModerator Ants Sild, BCS, Chairman of the BoardMargus Püüa, Head of the State Information Systems Department e-Services in EstoniaMart Parve, Look@World Foundation: Action plan for the project „Computer protection for the year 2009” – Developing Estonia as better information society countryChristine Leitner, Center for European Public Administration (CEPA) DanubeUniversity, Krems (Austria): e-Government in EU
13.30 Lunch
14.15 Working groups Moderator Hannes Astok, Programme Director of the eGovernance Academy: Information Society in Local GovernmentsModerator Tarmu Tammerk, Journalist: France Presse Citizens and enterprisers in the information society
15.30 Coffee Break
16.00 Session III – Conclusions Moderator Ivar Tallo Hannes Astok from the e-Governance Academy, representative from Tallinn City and from the Local Government: Conclusion of the ideas to develop information society on the local levelTarmu Tammerk: Conclusion how to include civil society and business sector on decision making process for information society.Conclusion, made by the rapporteur Henrik Roonemaa (journalist)
17.00  Closing remarks



Jerry Mechling: e-Estonia in International Comparison

Christine_Leitner: eGovernment in the EU




State Information Systems Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications