E-governance – new horizons?


This conference, organised by the e-Governance Academy in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications brought together 130 managers, board members, specialists and decision-makers from a wide range of agencies and institutions to contribute to envisioning the future – what will happen with the e-state by 2018.

The conference was opened by Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts and the first presentation was given by the only foreign speaker attending the event, International Telecommunications Union secretary-general Hamadoun Touré. Touré is leading the development of the International cyber security plan in the ITU, the members of the Estonian expert group for which are Ivar Tallo, Jaak Tepandi and Toomas Viira.

In addition to video broadcasts, a Skype site was also open throughout the conference, moderated by Henrik Roonemaa. Both could be accessed and contributed to by anyone interested.

Lecturers Juhan Parts, Hamadoun Touré, Ivar Tallo, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Igor Rõtov, Marju Lauristin, Raul Rebane, Merike Meriste
Panel Teet Jagomägi, Linnar Viik, Tõnu Grünberg, Tanel Tammet, Mart Laar
Moderators Margus Püüa, Ivar Tallo, Ainar Ruussaar, Henrik Roonemaa


Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications