e-Governance Conference 2020: Giant Leaps Start With Small Steps

20.05.2020 - 21.05.2020

e-Governance Academy is pleased to invite you to attend the 6th e-Governance Conference ‘Giant Leaps Start With Small Steps’ , to be held on 20-21 May 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia.  The e-Governance Conference focuses on the practical aspects of how governments can achieve their long term goals of digital transformation with actionable small steps and continuous innovation.

This year’s conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first walk on the moon by humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. As we know, this giant leap for humankind started with small steps: research, meetings, programming, technology development etc. The same principle applies to digital transformation and e-governance development. Achieving long term goals with continuous innovation that utilises smaller projects based on common principles will be one of the key learning and sharing objectives of the e-Governance Conference 2020.

The Conference topics are:

  • Converting a vision of digital transformation into actionable small steps: what are the essential steps and how to get started?
  • Government’s role in leading digital innovation in the society and digital inclusion.
  • How to make the digital component an essential part of a country’s development (Digital for Development) and how to finance it?
  • Adopting the big changes of the past decades: How is the transition to the Cloud based Platform Services Architecture affecting the Government?

The conference speakers include Minister of the Foreign Trade and Information Technology of Estonia Mr. Kaimar Karu, Author of the bestseller “Non-Bullshit Innovation” David Rowan, the Scholar Avi Jorisch from Washington Institute and other top visionaries and practitioners of digital transformation from Estonia and around the world. The conference will bring together public officials in charge of e-governance development, government and ICT decision makers, academics, donor organisations and companies from different parts of the world.

  • Conference programme, practical information, including travel/accommodation tips, as well as online registration are available at egovconference.ee.
  • For inquiries, please contact us at conference@ega.ee
  • We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you in Estonia!