Broadband Wireless Internet Access conference


The most prominent technology under the heading of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technologies is WiMAX, which can generally be thought of as a variant of existing WiFi technology.  But what sets WiMAX and similar technologies (WiBro, 3G, etc.) apart from existing networking technologies is that they offer vastly increased range and much higher rates of data transfer than existing solutions.  Instead of an individual providing wireless access for his or her house, entire cities and towns will be able use BWA technologies to provide high speed Internet access to all houses, and to all members of the population.

In a country where many are projecting Internet and networking technologies to become of equal value to citizens as electricity, we stand a crucial crossroads in terms of efficiently and effectively incorporating BWA technologies into daily life, for individual citizens, businesses and local and national governments.  As standards are still emerging, however, it is important that our decision makers become informed regarding the basics of future technologies and the issues that they present to society.

Our conference presented a unique opportunity for politicians, businesspeople, regulatory authorities, visionaries, developers and other technologists to meet one another and open a dialogue about one of the most promising technologies our world will see.

Lecturers: Ivar Tallo (eGA), Bruno Potdevin (Alcatel), Avo Ots (Tallinn University of Technology), Veljo Haamer (WiFi.ee), Hurmi Jürjens (Vendomar, Ltd.), Veronica Bocarova (Cullen International), Glenn Strachan (Macedonia Connects), Linnar Viik (IT College),

Target group: Technologists, Policy Makers, Government Officials and Business People of Estonia