Cybersecurity exercise enhanced Moldova’s resilience against cyber threats


A three-day cybersecurity exercise for, held from 14 to 16 June, in Chisinau, marked an important milestone in enhancing the cybersecurity preparedness of governmental officials and critical service providers of Moldova. In the exercise participated more than 30 cyber experts from public and private sector.

The exercise, organized by CybExer Technologies and e-Governance Academy (eGA), aimed to strengthen the resilience and expertise of public authorities and critical service providers and raise awareness about the potential effects of cyber incidents.

„Through this initiative, Moldovan IT experts gain valuable hands-on experience and expertise, enabling them to understand possible threat vectors and protect critical infrastructure and safeguard the nation’s digital landscape effectively,” said  Erika Hasznos, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova. “The cybersecurity exercise showcased the commitment of the EU in fortifying the cybersecurity defenses of Moldova.”

The exercise was divided into two parts. The first day included preparatory training and a Capture the Flag exercise, which provided participants with essential knowledge and practical skills in tackling cybersecurity challenges. This activity allowed participants to engage in the spirit of collaboration.

The subsequent Threat Hunting phase in next 2 days was a task-driven live-fire exercise that focused on response and investigation activities. Participants worked diligently to identify and neutralize simulated cyber threats, further honing their technical capabilities in combating evolving cybersecurity risks.

„The active participation of more than 30 people from public and private sector in this exercise demonstrates the determination of Moldova to bolster its cybersecurity posture and protect its citizens, government institutions, and vital service providers from the potential consequences of cyber incidents,” said Epp Maaten, Team Leader of the Moldova Rapid Assistance Project. „Through the hands-on exercise we were able to provide technical understanding of how to detect the most common kinds of exploits used today, monitor and analyse the attacks and improve teamwork by assigning roles and delegating tasks in a group.”

The cybersecurity exercise was organized within the European Union funded Moldova Rapid Assistance Project. The project aims to increase the cyber resilience of public sector organizations and key critical infrastructure sectors, and align their operations with the European Union Directive on the security of network and information systems (EU NIS Directive). The project’s activities are carried out by the e-Governance Academy from May 2022 to November 2023.