eGA is delivering training course for officials from India

Delegation of 24 officials from 12 different states in India is attending the 4-day training course on e-governance solutions in August 25 – 28, 2014). As members of the delegation have a wide range of interests regarding different e-governance aspects, we try to customise the programme in a way that all of them will get some good ideas and cooperation plans to take along.

Study tour to Estonia is second week from a e-Government Leadership Programme, where the first week of a course is delivered in Delhi. The main focus is change management – to achieve the common understanding in relevant development processes to use ICT in state and in a country in general.

It is a difficult task, as all states are in very different stage in using ICT in offering public services for the citizens. As the % of computer literate people is less than required for proper e-services usage, there must be the best possible solution and good budgeting plan compiled to face the equality requirements among citizens in the country.


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Annela Kiirats

Training Manager