eGA to procure cyber security testing guidelines and training courses for Ukrainian public authorities


eGA announced the procurement for the development of penetration testing guidelines and conducting training courses. The procurement aims to develop the organising and execution skills of the representatives of Ukrainian public authorities.

“We are looking for a partner for the next 6 months to create instructions and guidelines on how to prepare and implement security assessments and testing, and how to use the testing results in further activities of the organisation,” said Epp Maaten.

“It is also expected that the project partner will prepare materials for courses and conduct training sessions about the key elements of technical security testing and assessment,” said Maaten.

The procurement will be conducted within the project “Cyber security readiness in Ukrainian public authorities”. The project aims to increase the readiness of Ukrainian government authorities to develop the procedure for assessing the security of governmental information systems.

eGA’s main counterpart in the project is the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The project is funded by the Estonian Development Cooperation Funds and the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

Read more about the procurement requirements in the Estonian Public Procurement Register.