eGA team in Ukraine continues its work for Ukraine


Our team in Ukraine continues its work in Ukraine and for Ukraine within the EU4DigitalUA project , DT4UA project and other project’s supported by the European Union.

“Though many members of our team had to leave Kyiv, we are providing support to Ukraine and its authorities in times of war launched by Russia. We stand with Ukraine and continue to work as one highly motivated team and help keep running e-government and e-services in the country, amidst all of this!” said Mari Pedak, the Team Leader of the EU4DigitalUA and DT4UA project.

While we are not allowed to describe our support in detail, we can mention our efforts to

  • strengthen Ukraine’s cybersecurity,
  • the safety of Ukrainian public registers and databases,
  • as well as material support to various Ukrainian state bodies thanks to additional funding provided recently by the European Union.

If you would like to join us in this support to Ukraine, please contact

Listen to the podcast episode with Oleh Burba and Yurii Kopytin, Component Leaders in our EU4DigitalUA team, to find out more about how the e-Governance Academy team there is working during the war time to keep Ukraine’s government services secure and running. Turn in!



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Contribute to support Ukrainians in the fight for democracy in Europe and the freedom of Ukraine!

Doctors Without Borders, http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/

Save The Children, https://www.savethechildren.net/

United Help to Ukraine, http://www.unitedhelpukraine.org/

Ukraina heaks, https://www.ukrainaheaks.ee/ (in Estonia)

Slava Ukraini! https://slava.ee/ (in Estonia)