The e-Governance Academy’s Yearbook 2021/22 is published


The e-Governance Academy’s Yearbook 2021/22 focuses on the trends in digital transformation and explains why it is important to include a seamless approach into the next government’s strategic plans and activities. Also, the Yearbook sheds light on our largest undertakings in the past and current year,and provides you with the most interesting Digital Government Podcast blogs from 2021. 


Yearbook 2021/2022: Towards a seamless government


The combination of new technologies and the growing expectations of citizens require e-governance to be brought to a new level – AI- and ML-based, highly-automated, proactive, and citizen-friendly government – or “seamless government” as it is sometimes known. In the Yearbook, eGA’s programme directors share their views on how the seamless approach could be included in digital transformation strategies, cybersecurity development, and  technology implementation.

The yearbook also includes overviews of eGA’s activities on assessing countries’ or sectors’ digital readiness, creating conditions for the development of e-governance enablers and implementing them, consulting on e-democracy and e-participation solutions, and providing e-courses and study visits to Estonia. The overviews are compiled by ourprogramme directors Marit Lani, Heiko Vainsalu, Epp MaatenKristina Reinsalu, and Annela Kiirats.

Special chapters are dedicated to our activities in Ukraine during the last five years. Also, Yurii Svirko shares our latest outcomes within the EU4digitalUA project.

In our Yearbook, you will find also an overview of cybersecurity regional trends and interesting facts that characterise the status quo of cyberspace security worldwide. The analysis compiled by Radu Serrano is based on the National Cyber Security Index (NCSI).

In addition, the Yearbook includes the best 2021 talks of the Digital Government Podcast on tech buzzwords, freedom of expression in the digital age, internet voting and cyber capacity development. The talks featured Epp Maaten, Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, Heiko Vainsalu, and Priit Vinkel.

Finally, you will find in the Yearbook statistical data on eGA’s operations and an overview of the organisation.

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Yearbook 2021/2022: Towards a seamless government