eGA to support cybersecurity reforms in USAID assistance programs


The e-Governance Academy (eGA) embarked on supporting cybersecurity reforms in USAID assistance programs. The corresponding agreement was signed in November.

This was accomplished thanks to the joint declaration signed in Tallinn in October 2020 between the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Administrator of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) on enhancing bilateral cooperation on the digital transformation in development cooperation partner countries. Estonia and the USAID have been aiming at the digital empowerment of emerging economies and including the private sector in the process.

Cooperation between the USAID and the Estonian companies and non-profit organisations has been available by virtue of a launch of USAID’s programme that aims to deliver cybersecurity technical support to the USAID’s partners and beneficiaries, particularly those threatened by malign actors and influences.

E-Governance Academy is the first non-profit organisation from Estonia that will support USAID’s efforts to enhance the cyber capabilities of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries. Truly glad to see these tangible deliverables of our bilateral collaboration with USAID,“ said Kadi Metsandi, Director of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid at Estonian Foreign Ministry.

According to Hannes Astok, this agreement provides a framework for even closer cooperation between the USAID and the eGA with the overall aim of designing, implementing and promoting cybersecurity assessment in emerging economies. “With joint efforts, we can support the responsible use of digital technology and strengthen the openness, inclusiveness and security of country-level digital ecosystems,” said Hannes Astok.

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