Memorandum of Understanding to develop a Digital Governance Academy in Angola


On 22 May, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the e-Governance Academy (eGA) and the Insitute of Administrative Modernisation (IMA) of the Republic of Angola to enhance digital skills, digital awareness, and cybersecurity capacities in Angola.

The MoU was signed between Mike Afonso, the Director of the Institute of Modernisation of Administration of the Republic of Angola, and Hannes Astok, the Executive Director of the e-Governance Academy.

Photo by Raigo Pajula

In the signing ceremony at the e-Governance Conference, Adão Francisco Correia de Almeida, Minister of State and Chief of Civil House of the President of the Republic of Angola, emphasised the need to modernise the business environment in Angola and make it more attractive for investors. “We are moving forward with a public administration reform for enhancing the provision of services and training people and changing their mindset. We’re attempting to implement the interoperability platform so that public services are interconnected and data flows freely. We cannot do it alone but in partnership with the e-Governance Academy and international donors and organisations,” said Correia de Almeida.

Within the cooperation, the Digital Governance Academy of Angola will be established. The Digital Governance Academy aims to develop digital governance educational programs for government employees, citizen inclusion, and digital literacy programs. Moreover, the organisation will develop studies on the status quo of digital transformation and implementation opportunities in Angola to design new digital transformation projects.

In addition, the eGA experts will assist in developing the cybersecurity framework and creation of relevant capacities for data security for the Government.