The National Cyber Security Index got acknowledged among the International Good Cyber Stories


The National Cyber Security Index (NCSI) is listed among the activities of the Good Cyber Stories initiative and has been recognised worldwide as a tool to improve national cyber security capacity and contribute to open, free and secure cyberspace.

The Good Cyber Stories is an international initiative committed to promote positive action in cyberspace. It is undertaken by multilateral coalition of Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Estonia, France, Ghana, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the European Union. It aims to identify and showcase projects that have a positive impact on people’s lives and national policies, and that create an overall positive environment.

Telling their stories is a first step to re-calibrate focus on the importance of the multi-stakeholder approach in designing and implementing cyber policies more effectively.

During the pilot phase of the Initiative, Canada, Estonia, France, the United Kingdom and the European Union selected seven projects and initiatives that reflect the spirit of the Good Cyber Stories Initiative. All Good Cyber Stories 2020 are listed here.

We are most pleased that our National Cyber Security Index has been selected among the Good Cyber Stories. This recognition empowers our endeavour to make the worldwide cyberspace more secure. We have developed a tool, which provides an opportunity to identify national cyber security gaps, and get inspired on the practices of other countries thanks to the NCSI’s public web-based database,” said Epp Maaten, the Programme Director of Cyber Security at e-Governance Academy.


The National Cyber Security Index measures countries’ preparedness to prevent cyber incidents and fight cyber threats in 160 countries. In addition, the NCSI’s webpage offers an opportunity to study and verify sources on which the assessment is based. Thus, the NCSI is a tool for cyber security capacity building, as well as a database with publicly available evidence.

The National Cyber Security Index was created and has been managed by e-Governance Academy since 2016 within support of the Estonian Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.