The e-Governance Development conference is taking place in Ukraine


On February the 5th the conference “e-Governance Development in Ukraine: Towards Democratic and Transparent Cities” in the framework of the project “e-Governance Support to Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast” is taking place in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The aim of the conference is to initiate a discussion about the future perspectives of e-government in Ukraine as well as at presenting practices from abroad. Being the last event of the 1st project implemented by e-Governance Academy, it sums up the already obtained results and inspires to achieve new goals in the upcoming years. As well, the conference gathers the representatives of the Ukrainian central and local authorities, sponsor organisations as well as international e-government experts.

On behalf of the e-Governance Academy Mr. Arvo Ott, Mr. Hannes Astok and Mrs. Jelizaveta Krenjova are speaking at  the conference, as well as Tallinn City Secretary, Mr. Toomas Sepp is taking part in the event. Furthermore, the representative from Sida, Mrs. Christina Danielsson as well as the Swedish IT expert, Mr. Victor Millqvist, are giving their speeches.

The conference is cofinanced by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of Sweden.