The heart of the e-State – Tunduk – launched in Kyrgyzstan


On 18 April, the X-Road interoperability solution was launched in Kyrgyzstan, in cooperation of the e-Governance Academy, Aktors OÜ and the Kyrgyzstan E-Governance Central Coordination Unit.

On Monday 25 April, Executive Director of the e-Governance Academy, Arvo Ott, handed a 5th generation integral solution sublicense of the X-Road interoperability solution over to Taalai Baiterekov, Director of the E-Governance Central Coordination Unit of the government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The X-Road in Kyrgyzstan is called Tunduk – the term denotes the uniting of 40 ancient tribes in Kyrgyzstan and also means the X-shape roof element of a yurt, their vernacular house.

Local authorities have already created four inter-institutional e-services for the brand new Kyrgyzstan X-Road, which are designed for inquiries related to passport and personal data and for the verification of customs procedures. In the coming months, the Kyrgyzstan authorities intend to develop additional services in order to test the X-Road’s suitability to the needs of Kyrgyzstan.

Project Manager Mari Pedak says the installation and delivery of the X-Road was preceded by training sessions for the IT administrators, developers of e-services and civil servants of Kyrgyzstan. “Overall, a total of 260 people will undertake the e-governance training sessions of the e-Governance Academy in order for the Kyrgyzstan government authorities to obtain knowledge of the organisation of e-governance and the skills for the further development of the X-Road and e-services,” Mari Pedak noted.

The heads of the institutions and lawyers involved in the development of e-services in Kyrgyzstan are also attending a training session on e-governance in Tallinn this week in order to gain an insight into the organisational and legal issues of e-governance and to learn from the best practices in Estonia.

In addition to Kyrgyzstan, the e-Governance Academy has, in cooperation with such companies as Aktors OÜ and Cybernetica AS, helped launch X-Road solutions in Tunisia, Palestine, Namibia and Faroe Islands. The preparations are also under way in Ukraine and Armenia.

The creation of the data exchange layer on which the e-governance in Kyrgyzstan is grounded as well as the training of civil servants and IT specialists are supported by USAID and the Estonian Foreign Ministry to a total of €500,000.