The Partner of the year is Namibian Government Office


Arvo Ott, Director of eGA and Hannes Astok, Deputy Director of eGA forwarded the eGA annual award “The Partner of the Year 2016” to the Government Office of Republic of Namibia for the most enthusiastic implementation of the first X-road based and full-functioning interoperability solution in Africa. The award was delivered to Melanie Tjijenda, the Representative of Government Office at the gala of Tallinn e-Governance Conference.

“Now you are really ready to turn e-governance on!” said Arvo Ott, Director of eGA in the awarding ceremony.

“We thank e-Governance Academy for useful consultation in implementing the solution and hope that Namibia will be a good example to follow for other African countries”, said Melanie Tjijenda, the Representative of Government Office.

In April 2013, a delegation of that country had a training session in Estonia that included information about the interoperability framework based on Estonian X-Road. After two years, the country began developing its own interoperability network in cooperation with e-Governance Academy and Cybernetica within the same guidelines. And from March this year they launched their own interoperability solution named Nam-road.