The visit of the Minister for innovation and public administration from Albania


eGA is coordinating the visit of Albanian minister of innovation and public administration to introduce Estonian e-governance solutions. Minister Milena Harito had a meeting with Juhan Parts, Minister of Economic affairs and communications of Estonia, also meeting with undersecretary of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Laanemäe to discuss the future mutual cooperation between two countries.

Minister left after 2-day visit, but the rest of the delegation visited different governmental and non-governmental institutions, responsible for functional e-government services (Certification Center, Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Estonian Information System´s Authority, etc.)

As there are many high officials in Albania who are new in their positions and decisions about concrete actions for further ICT development in the country to be decided, Estonia is one of the countries to support them during the process.
Future cooperation will be put into more detailed frame after the delegation have prepared a detailed overview about the visit to Estonia for the Prime Minister of Albania.


Visit is partly funded by: logo_VM_arengukoostöö_development_cooperation