Yearbook 2022 – 2023 is out!


The e-Governance Academy’s Yearbook 2022/23 sums up how digital government development has changed in 20 years, what the governments have achieved and what will their priorities be in the next five years. The  Yearbook is dedicated to eGA’s 20thanniversary of championing digital societies.

The Yearbook also sheds light on our largest and most important undertakings in 2022-2023. We provide you with a closer look at our team’s work in Ukraine during wartime, as most of eGA’s activities were and are running in Ukraine.

In this publication, you will also find an overview of the development of the National Cyber Security Index in 2016 – 2022.

Additionally, we provide you with the most interesting Digital Government Podcast talks from 2022 and the highlights of our awesome 20 years. Take a look and find your organization or country in eGA 20 years’ timeline and listen to insightful discussions with Katrin Nyman-Metcalf and Ott Velsberg on AI, Mark Erlich on digital identity, Giovanny Allegretti on crowdsourcing, Kristina Mänd on digital vulnerability and Barry Lowry on the five most remarkable lessons of the Irish digital government development.

Finally, you will find in this Yearbook statistical data on eGA’s operations and an overview of the organization.

The Yearbook is compiled by the joint efforts of Hannes Astok, Kadri Kaska, Annela Kiirats, Yuryi Kopytin, Marit Lani, Kristina Reinsalu, Kateryna Rudenko, Radu Serrano, Anu Vahtra-Hellat, and Heiko Vainsalu.