MOU to empower Moldovan cyber capabilities


The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova and the Estonian e-Governance Academy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on March 27, 2023, to empower the cybersecurity capabilities and resilience of Moldovan Armed Forces within the European Peace Facility (EPF) assistance measure.

The EPF assistance measure will increase the ability of the Moldovan Armed Forces to detect intrusion into the information systems and to counter cyber attacks. The cyber defense support package is in total 3 million euros.

Moldova goes through a process of transition to a digital society, and cybersecurity has a significant influence on its stability and sovereignty. The EU’s European Peace Facility support helps to advance the hands-on skills of military cyber defense professionals and to keep Moldova stronger. This MOU is an enabler to accelerate the implementation of project activities, “ said Sergiu Plop, State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Moldova.

The activities covered by the MOU include cyber defense training and exercises and delivery of cybersecurity equipment for the Moldovan Armed Forces.


Photo by eGA


The e-Governance Academy team has been collaborating with the Government of Moldova for almost 20 years to support its digital development. Over the last year, our focus has been on enhancing the cybersecurity capacities and resilience of Moldova. The current support of the Moldovan Armed Forces adds a new important layer to this. We are keen to enhance the Moldovan cyber defence capabilities in line with the EU best practice,“ said Hannes Astok, the Executive Director of the e-Governance Academy.

The EU’s European Peace Facility (EPF) assistance measures enable capacity building of military actors, and provides training, equipment, and infrastructure for security purposes.

Background information:

The e-Governance Academy (eGA) implements two EU cyber assistance projects in Moldova with a total amount of more than 5 million euros. The first project is European Peace Facility (EPF) support titled “Assistance to Moldovan Armed Forces – Cyber Defence Component” and follows a contract concluded with the European Commission, as administrator for EPF assistance measures, to finance the action. The project increases the Moldovan Armed Force’s capability in cyber defense and it lasts from December 2022 to November 2024.

The second is the European Union support project “Moldova Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance”. The project increases the cyber resilience of public sector organizations and key critical infrastructure sectors. The project lasts from  May 2022 to November 2023.

The e-Governance Academy (eGA), is a centre of excellence in Estonia founded in 2002 to increase the prosperity and openness of societies through digital transformation. Over the last 20 years, eGA has collaborated with more than 280 organisations and 141 countries on digital innovations worldwide.

For additional information, please get in touch with Merle Maigre, Cybersecurity Program Director of the e-Governance Academy via .