A Guidance to eCitizenship

E-democracy | Governance and Engagement
E-democracy | Governance and Engagement
03/2013 - 05/2014
38,075 €
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The main goal of the project was to increase the awareness and motivation and develop skills of young people for civic e-activeness. The main target group were students, but to reach the target group and project’s goals, the project also focuses on teachers of civic education.

In cooperation with Narva Colledge of the University of Tartu the teachers are trained and equipped with updated, interactive teaching materials (containing videos, case-studies etc).

One of the target groups of the project are also Estonian municipalities. Their existing e-engagement practices are tested by young people and the case-studies, new ideas and technical solutions are generated on this bases in the last stage of the project.

By the end of the project, besides the new interactive study material, students obtain real e-participation experiences testing new e-participation solutions.