Advancing cyber security capacities for digital transformation

Multiple countries
Cyber Security
Multiple countries
Cyber Security
10/2020 - 09/2022
220 000 €
Project manager

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the massively increased use of Internet and teleworking options raise the risks of using unsecure devices and networks while accessing sensitive governmental and corporate IT systems. COVID-19 has also caused the spread of phishing scams and fake news. The need for sustainable cyber security development is timelier than ever to protect countries’ cyber space and continue the digital transformation.

The project continues developing secure digital societies in developing countries by evaluating cyber security situation, define capacity gaps and sharing recommendations. The cyber security assessment and evaluation is based on the “National Cyber Security Index“ (NCSI) model.



What do we do?

During the project, eGA will

  • proactively select target countries to analyse their situation,
  • provide recommendations to improve their cyber security on national level,
  • manage contact network of NCSI,
  • promote the index among target groups,
  • updating country profiles,
  • develop the index methodology,
  • develop NCSI website.