Citizen-Centric Digital Services for Armenia

Governance and Engagement | Technology
Governance and Engagement | Technology
02/2020 - 08/2022
499599 €
Project manager
Funded by
European Union

The project aims to improve public digital service development in Armenia by improving e-governance management capacity, policymaking and policy implementation and developing digital identification services (eID services) for public service delivery.

There is planned that the digital identification services will be integrated into the e-governance infrastructure and will be created an awareness-raising plan for the increase of e-identity take-up and usage.

Moreover, within the project eGA experts will assess the interoperability framework of Armenia and provide recommendations for e-services’ development and integration.

What do we do?

During the project, eGA experts will

  • analyse the policy development and implementation of public service delivery and draft an implementation plan,
  • review the legal framework and make recommendations for improvements,
  • conduct workshops and training programmes for the staff of gov agencies,
  • create an awareness-raising strategy and monitor citizen feedback,
  • analyse of the available eID services and their usage in public and private services offering processes
  • identify potential legislation, technical, procedural, organizational and financial barriers of eID services
  • develop a financial model of an eID service
  • develop a communication plan (based on public awareness survey, current situation analysis and best practices)
  • assess the interoperability framework
  • develop uniform standards for public service provision
  • optimise the front office and back office workshare