Consultations on e-governance in Jamaica, Guyana and Mexico

Guyana | Jamaica | Mexico
Governance and Engagement
Guyana | Jamaica | Mexico
Governance and Engagement
05/2017 - 07/2017
12 523 €
Project manager

Government of Jamaica and Guyana have expressed their deep interest in implementing Estonian model of e-governance and receiving consultations from e-Governance Academy while developing their countries’ digital identity and interoperability framework.

As a part of the consultation project, Arvo Ott gave multiple presentations and attended meetings in Guyana and Jamaica to give a thorough overview of Estonian e-governance to high level officials, entrepreneurs and representatives from the civil society. The subjects were focused on development of information society and its influence towards major development changes, modernization of governance and on the technical aspects of establishing public e-services.

Moreover,  Margus Püüa shared Estonian knowhow on implementing interoperability solution X-road while attending the X-Road Workshop at the 5th Regional Workshop on Interoperability, associated with Red Gealc, on May 25th, 2017 in Mexico.

  1. The participation of Margus Püüa of the X-Road Workshop in the 5th Regional Workshop on Interoperability on May 25th, 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico;
  2. The participation of Arvo Ott in meetings with Civil Society Caribbean in Jamaica, on June 8th, 2017.
  3. The visit of Arvo Ott to Georgetown, Guyana on June 12th-13th, 2017, to make a presentation to the Guyana’s Government Cabinet, to meet with Guyana’s Minister of Communication; and to meet with the IDB’s (Inter-American Development Bank) civil society group in Guyana.