Cyber Security Capacity in Moldova

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
09/ 2014 - 02/2017
123 000 €

During the project eGA supported the systematic development of cyber security in Moldova in order to building the country’s capacity for efficiently managing cyber incidents and cooperating internally and internationally. eGA prepared an implementation plan corresponding to the Moldovan national cyber security strategy and an area-specific cybersecurity action plan for one ministry.

eGA also promoted cybersecurity knowledge and a modern cyber security culture in Moldovan society by holding a cyber security exercise and seminar for IT specialists. It helped to rise the capability of IT specialists to manage effectively cyber incidents and a capacity to cooperate internally and internationally in this field.


Project activities include:

1. Knowledge transfer (meetings, seminars, workshops)
2. Cyber security programme for Moldova (national cyber security implementation plan)
3. Cyber security roadmap for 1 ministry
4. National cyber security standard
5. Improved professional network
6. Improved cyber security awareness