eGA to organize the first Cyber Olympics in Moldova


The first cyber defense competition Cyber Olympics starts in Moldova on 29 October, organized by e-Governance Academy in cooperation with Moldovan e-Government Centre and Estonian IT company Range Force.

The aim of the exercise is to raise the cyber defense capacity of Moldovan institutions and give IT specialists an opportunity to train their defense skills against cyber attacks.

“One of the major problems of developing information societies is the lack of technical experts who have experience in defending against cyber attacks. The current exercise gives the IT specialists real experience of handling different cyber attacks and protecting the reliability of the information society, said Raul Rikk, cyber security expert at the e-Governance Academy and the main organizer of the event.

Up to 30 high-level IT specialists from Moldovan government, business sector and universities will take part in the Cyber Olympics to solve five exercises. The scenario of the competition is available here.

The competition can be followed in Twitter @eGovAcademy #CybExMD.

The scenario was created and the platform of the competition was built by the Estonian company Range Force. The Cyber Olympics are funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the development cooperation project “Cyber Security Capacity building in Moldova”.