Cybersecurity Rapid Response for Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia

Albania | Montenegro | North Macedonia
Albania | Montenegro | North Macedonia
08/2022 - 07/2023
1 834 655 €
Project manager
Funded by
European Union

A digital society with its assets and services cannot safely exist without a solid cybersecurity framework. Within the EU-supported project “Cybersecurity Rapid Response project for Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia” eGA experts contribute to the improvement of cyber resilience in compliance with EU acquis and best practice for these beneficiaries. The primary beneficiaries are public sector cybersecurity stakeholders in Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

The outcome of the action is strengthened governance structures and improved cybersecurity incident and risk management of Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia

The project covers the following main activities to achieve the goals:  

  • Providing support for the establishment of a functional governance model for cybersecurity and protection of critical infrastructure; 
  • Giving advice on how to adjust the normative-legislative framework on cybersecurity; 
  • Supporting the improvement of Computer Security Incident Response Teams’ organisational and technical capacity; 
  • Strengthening CSIRTs’ professional training and community building; 
  • Developing technical skills of cybersecurity experts of governmental agencies and critical service providers through technical cybersecurity exercises