Comprehensive digitalization cooperation with the Gambia

The Gambia
Governance and Engagement
The Gambia
Governance and Engagement
11/2021 - 11/2023
Project manager
Funded by
European Commission

eGA was  working together with Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy of the Republic of The Gambia in four areas:

  • Composing the Digital Readiness Review – the aim was to evaluate the current digital maturity of the public sector  in nine digital government focus areas. The review was jointly carried out with ITL (Net Group)
  • Drafting of the National Digital Economy Master Plan – the plan covered eight main pillars from digital infrastructure, connectivity, data centres to entrepreneurship and security matters.
  • Drafting of the Digital Addressing Policy & Regulatory Framework – the policy paper provides vision, guidelines and support to the development and implementation of a system for boosting e-commerce and social e-services in the country.
  • Drafting of the New Open Data Policy & Regulatory Framework – the framework ensures that ICT services data can be freely used by citizens, businesses, and entrepreneurs without technical, financial, and legal constraints.

The project was part of the African Union-European Union (AU-EU) Digital for Development (D4D) Initiative. The general objective of the Initiative was to contribute to closing the digital divide and leveraging digital innovations for inclusive sustainable development in Africa. The specific objective was to strengthen African national and regional partners’ capability to identify and implement priority actions in response to digitalisation challenges.

More info about the main achievements can be found and read here.