Development of Unique ID Model for Timor Leste

Timor Leste
Governance and Engagement
Timor Leste
Governance and Engagement
06/2019 - 09/2019
88 494 €
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eGA experts consulted government and stakeholders of East Timor on the development and implementation of the unique identification model (Unique ID Model) for the population management. The consultations aimed to find a consensus across the government and stakeholders and prepare the government for the implementation of a unique identification system.

Within the project, experts developed the necessary documentation, a timeline and implementation plan, refined project management arrangements and conducted a workshop for stakeholders on the topic.

What did we achieve?
  • The identification of strategic decisions for the government and stakeholders.


  • Development of the timeline and plan for the implementation of the unique identification model, including:
    – the detailed plan for the first year of implementation,
    – proposals for the regulatory changes to the governance of UID,
    – the project monitoring and evaluation framework.


  • Submission of the final Government Strategy Plan for the implementation of Unique ID in Timor-Leste with clear actions and timelines, including clarification of the role and responsibility of partners for achieving the project outcomes and reporting lines.