Digital Maturity Assessment of the State of Palestine

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
08/2020 - 12/2020
25 320 €
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Experts from the e-Governance Academy carried out the digital maturity assessment of the State of Palestine. The aim of the assessment was to evaluate the current digital maturity of the public sector of the State of Palestine, draw general findings and offer suggestions for further activities in 12 e-government focus areas:

  1. Political will and support
  2. Coordination
  3. Financing model
  4. Legal framework
  5. Digital databases, interoperability, secure data exchange
  6. Secure digital identity and digital signature
  7. Digital skills
  8. Access to services, awareness-raising
  9. E-participation, e-democracy
  10. Information security
  11. Telecommunications and digital infrastructure
  12. International cooperation

The Digital Maturity Assessment report can be used as the foundation and inspiration for strategic national documents on digital transformation.

The report also serves as an input to the Digital Landscape Assessment tool developed by the UNDP in cooperation with eGA, which helps identifying digital entry points for acceleration towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).