e-Governance for Belarusian Civil Society

Cyber Security | E-democracy
Cyber Security | E-democracy
01|2012 - 01|2014
161063 €
Project manager

The main goal of the project “Trainings on e-Governance and ICT solutions for representatives of Belarusian civil society” was to improve the knowledge of Belarusian civil servants of e-governance, the use of ICT (information and communication technology), and cyber defence.

Trainings on e-Governance, ICT solutions, and cyber defence will be carried out in the framework of the project.

As a results of the project:

  • Belarusian civil servants have a better knowledge of Estonian e-governance in general, including PPP (Public-Private Partnership)
  • Belarusian civil servants are aware of the possibilities of ICT usage and have new ideas for e-services
  • Belarusian civil servants have an overview about the cyber defence options
  • 40 Belarusian civil servants were trained during  5-day training courses.