e-Government for Cayman Islands

Cayman Government has decided to take Estonian e-government model as an example in building its e-society and developing public e-services. During that project eGA acts as main contractor for all consultancy services on e-governance between Estonia and Cayman Islands.

The project is proceeded from the “Advisory mission to Cayman Islands” .

Project has following tasks:

  • creation of the population registry;
  • implementation of digital identity, including creating unique ID code, production of ID cards, regulating the legislative framework;
  • implementation of Catalogue of Interoperability Solutions that helps develop and administrate data exchange layer and support systems for the maintenance of base registries and master data;
  • implementation of data exchange layer X-road.


Cayman Islands


Central e-Government


04/2017 - 04/2018

Project Manager

Annela Kiirats