E-services and X-road in Palestine

The objective of the project “Implementing intergovernmental online services and the X-road data exchange layer for the Palestine Government” is to start intergovernmental online services for the Palestine Government. The project is a follow-up of the four-year cooperation with Palestine government to develop efficient and secure online government for the country.

The task of the project was to start intergovernmental online services for Palestine Government: to implement digital interoperability central system infrastructure in Palestine Government, to support development of the central system-related organization and regulations, to provide minimum requested hardware for the central system and pilot ministries, to connect minimum 5 governmental institutions to the system, to open pilot databases for other information users for service and to open 15 real online services (both online services for citizens and internal services), based on the implemented interoperability system.




Smart Governance


January 2013 - March 2015

Project Manager

Hannes Astok