Enhancing Georgia’s Cyber Defence Capability

05/2023 - 05/2025; 09/2023 - 09/2025
€3,2 mln; €1 mln
Project manager

Assistance Measure to support the Georgian Defence Forces – Cyber Component (05.2023-05.2025)

The objective of the project is to enhance Georgia’s cybersecurity resilience by increasing the ability of the Cyber Security Bureau under the Georgian Ministry of Defence (MOD) to detect intrusions in information systems and counter cyberattacks.

The project aims to provide essential cyber software and hardware, as well as reinforce the cyber defence capacities through training of the ministry’s staff. The training courses will include certification exams and hands-on technical training, focusing on specific areas requested by the Georgian MOD. Monitoring and evaluation of the project’s progress will be conducted using Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound (SMART) quantitative indicators.

The key activities:

  • Needs analysis of stakeholders
  • Signing MoU/cooperation agreement with Georgian authorities
  • Procurement of cyber equipment through open tenders
  • Delivery of cybersecurity hardware and software, setting up, and training
  • Cyber defence training

Assistance to Georgian Ministry of Defence – Cyber Defence Component (09.2023-09.2025)

The project`s overall objective is to enhance the cybersecurity resilience of Georgia by developing the cyber defence capability of the Georgian Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of Georgia. Increasing the ability of the Georgian Ministry of Defence to detect intrusion to the information systems and to counter cyberattacks.

The key activities:

  • Improved network infrastructure of the Georgian Ministry of Defence
  • Provision of essential cyber software and hardware