EU4Digital: Improving Cyber Resilience in the EaP Countries

Armenia | Azerbaijan | Belarus | Georgia | Moldova | Ukraine
Armenia | Azerbaijan | Belarus | Georgia | Moldova | Ukraine
11/19 - 11/23
300 000 €
Project manager

GFA Consulting Group GmbH (Lead Partner)

Action Global Communications

Detecon International GmbH

German Federal Office for Information Security

The main objective of EU4Digital initiative is to improve cyber resilience in the six countries of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region, in line with EU norms and best practices with focus on the NIS Directive.

eGA consults with partner organisations EaP organisations to:

I. Strengthen the national cybersecurity governance and legal framework across the EaP countries, in line with the EU NIS Directive.
II. Develop frameworks for the protection of operators of essential services and critical information infrastructure in the EaP countries, in line with the EU’s relevant policy and legal frameworks.
III. Increase the operational capacities for cybersecurity incidents management in the EaP countries.

What do we want to achieve?
  • National cybersecurity strategies, relevant legal frameworks and implementation documents are developed and tailored in approximation with the EU NIS Directive
  • Increased involvement and participation of the private sector and the civil society in cybersecurity decision-making
  • Cyber awareness (Cyber Hygiene) framework for all EaP partner countries proposed.
  • Owners and/or service providers of the critical information infrastructure and operators of essential services are identified in line with the EU NIS Directive.
  • National/governmental CSIRTs/CERTs designated and set-up, with operational capacities for incidents management created.
  • Establish a reporting, monitoring and threat assessment mechanisms for the purpose of producing national yearly evaluations on the basis of EU’s best practice.