Introductory mission to Benin

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
01/2018 - 02/2018
Project manager
Funded by
Government of Benin

The goal of the mission was to get an overview of the e-government situation in Benin, to share Estonian practical experience in the e-governance field, to assess the current situation and to bring out the general findings and suggestions for further activities.

The aims were the followings:

  • Reviewing and advising on the current state of the e-government situation in Benin with recommendations on how to further develop their e-government activities.
  • Identifying different opportunities in e-government, specially focusing on:
  • E-Identity strategies, technologies and operations;
  • e-Government interoperability framework and technology architecture (X-road and the next steps to implement it);
  • Security incident handling & monitoring;
  • Legal situation for e-government;
  • Cyber security strategy and methods.
  • Sharing Estonian e-government best practises and discussing the opportunities for further cooperation.