IOM MMDMA Development 2022

Armenia | Australia | Georgia | South-Africa
Governance and Engagement
Armenia | Australia | Georgia | South-Africa
Governance and Engagement
79 800 EUR
Project manager
Funded by
International Organization for Migration

Digital Maturity assessment can benefit also the international organizations and contribute to the sustainability of their operations. Within the project eGA experts developed a Migration Management Digital Maturity Assessment (MMDMA) for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and consulted on piloting the assessment in Armenia. Additionally, eGA experts conducted three trainings on the use of the Migration Management Digital Maturity Assessment in three countries: South Africa, Australia and Georgia.

The MMDMA serves as a useful tool for the IOM to identify the current digital governance situation and areas for improvement in specific countries when starting to implement projects there. Implementing such an assessment will both increase the digital governance awareness and capacities of IOM officials as well as contribute to the sustainability of IOM initiatives.

The eGA-developed Digital Maturity Assessment with its 10 focus areas (core enablers of digital governance) will serve as the basis for the MMDMA, while all these focus areas will be further developed through the lens of migration management.