Modernisation of citizen portal

02/2020 - 02/2022
200 000 €
Project manager

The project “Modernization of unified service operator’s system and establishment of online service portal for Government services in the Republic of Armenia” aims to modernise a citizen portal in Armenia to provide government services to citizens and businesses.

The whole project has the following tasks:

  • To transform the decentralised system into a unified operator service system at
  • To establish an online system for provision of public services to citizens based on portal that will enable provision of the e-services  to the citizens and businesses without intermediator.
  • To establish rules, standards, supporting registries and a model for future extension and maintenance of the integrated platform for serving citizens and businesses.
  • To expand the quantity of state and community services delivered by operators or through website.
  •  To establish a system that allows to collect statistics on service usage, satisfaction, etc. to improve service quality.

eGA’s task is to establish the requirements, rules for the software of the citizen portal and describe 35 e-services that could be offered via modernised portal.