Participatory Budgeting in Tartu Municipality

05/2018 - 02/2019
6000 €
Project manager

eGA assisted Tartu Municipality in preparing and implementing Participatory Budgeting (PB). The consultation included the development of a Participatory Budgeting model most suitable for local context, presentation of the model to the municipal government and council and adjusting it based on discussions with the local power and community members, recommendations for communication the process, monitoring its implementation and analysis of the results.

Based on the results of the analysis, recommendations were made for some needed updates of local PB model. For instance, how to use better the potential of digital map solutions which are in use in the municipality or to change the voting system and give all voters 3 votes instead of one etc. Tartu municipality will continue implementing PB, updating the process as recommended. The next years’ process starts in December.

eGA has introduced PB in Estonia since 2011 and piloted it with the City of Tartu in 2013. Today more than 30 municipalities are implementing this civic engagement initiative in Estonia.

The project activities are followings:

1) introduction of the concept of PB to administrative and political leadership of Tartu Municipality
2) designing of the model of PB suitable for Tartu municipality, validate it with representatives of Municipality and modify based on feedback
3) assisting on preparing the ilot project of PB and communication activities
4) analyzing lessons learned and elaborating recommendations for future