Sarawak Digital Readiness Assessment

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
43 780 EUR
Project manager
Funded by
Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation

eGA experts compiled a digital maturity assessment for a Sarawak region in Malaysia to provide a valuable input for a future sustainable digital transformation in the region. The assessment provided an overview of the current situation of e-governance in Sarawak, defined grounds for discussions about priorities for further development, and provided specific recommendations for next steps to be taken, focusing especially on what the government could do to improve service provision to businesses and increase the digitalisation of the private sector. Moreover, the legal framework of digital governance was analysed as a horizontal topic within all the focused areas. In all areas, special focus was put on the impact for the private sector as the main collaborator for the government in digital transformation. The recommendations addressed also the possibility and practical solutions for introducing e-residency/e-identity and suggested measures for attracting digital nomads.

Listen to our podcast interview with the chairman of the Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation here: https://ega.ee/blog_post/podcast-blog-building-future-ready-society-sarawak-malaysia/