Situation Review of EU’s Eastern Partnership countries

Armenia | Azerbaijan | Belarus | Georgia | Moldova | Ukraine
Armenia | Azerbaijan | Belarus | Georgia | Moldova | Ukraine
01/2017 - 09/2017
100 000 €
Project manager

The Situation Review examined two important aspects of e-governance in the EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries: Security of Information Society and e-Democracy. The Situation Review described the most important developments in the focus areas during the years 2015-2017, identify best practices that can be shared with other EU EaP countries and beyond and draft policy recommendations for each of the EU EaP countries for further developing their e-Governance.

The Situation Review contributed to policy-making related to Estonia’s EU presidency in July-December 2017 and it was considered as main input for discussions at the Eastern Partnership countries Conference held in Tallinn on 4th of October as a part of the Estonian EU Presidency events.