UNDP – Estonia cooperation: Digital transformation for SDG achievement

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
09/2018 - 06/2020
Project manager

The cooperation project utilizes the global platform of UNDP (and its 170+ Country offices) to share the e-governance experience of Estonia, and its accelerating effect on development.

The cooperation project comprises of four distinct work streams:
Work stream 1: Develop a practical tool for rapid assessment of digital landscapes, and support its application,
Work Stream 2: Transforming UNDP’s digital capabilities,
Work Stream 3: Build in-country digital literacy, knowledge base, capacity and competencies,
Work Stream 4: e-Identity and Smart Cities.

These work streams are mutually reinforcing, and ultimately serve the purpose of enhancing support to developing countries in transforming their digital landscape toward SDG achievement, as well as strengthening the capacities of UNDP to provide support more effectively.