URBACT Active Citizens

06/2020 - 09/2022
27600 €
Project manager
Funded by
European Union

The URBACT project “Active Citizens” supports the urban development program. The three-year project tries to find new ways to get more people involved in local life. Within the project local governments will form groups on the ground to work on new ideas.

eGA is collaborating with Tartu municipality, who is the one of eight European municipalities participating in the URBACT project.

In the project, eGA is acting as the coordinator of the local working group and in cooperation with Tartu municipality:
– prepares the content of the URBACT Local Working Group (LAG) meetings and moderate the meetings,
– analyses and monitor the activities of the local working group,
– summarises the activities of the LAG at both local and network level,
– organises the contribution of the local working group to the international project activities,
– participates in international network meetings and trainings and keep the local working group informed,
– to contributes to the preparation of the action plan for the involvement of Tartu municipality.

In addition, eGA helps to prepare an international seminar in Tartu and involves a local working group in its activities.