National Cybersecurity Strategy of Uganda

Project manager

The growth in the ICT infrastructure, Internet usage and online access have opened new opportunities for Uganda, however, with the increase in use of e-services, the need for cybersecurity protection is key in order to avoid cyber fraud and maintain trust in the use of these services. Information security also serves broader national security goals by protecting critical national sectors and information infrastructure.

This Cybersecurity Strategy 2022 provides development paths, policy and technical recommendations to achieve Uganda’s Vision 2040 aiming to transform Uganda into a competitive upper middle income country.

The Strategy document is structured in four main chapters. In the first, the vision, mission and goals for Uganda are set for the next years in the cybersecurity domain. In the second, the Strategy describes the context of today’s trends in digital development and Uganda’s strategic advances. It further introduces cyber threats and trends in cybercrime, and the national capacities to address these. The essence of the Cybersecurity Strategy 2022 is in Chapter 3, which describes the main principles, strategic direction, pillars and targets in six areas. The last Chapter covers the implementation mechanism as well as the monitoring and evaluation of the strategy.

The Strategy was developed through a consultative process led by the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance.