What Technology Can and Can’t Do for Education

Estonia | Finland | South Korea | Uruguay
Governance and Engagement
Estonia | Finland | South Korea | Uruguay
Governance and Engagement
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Inter-American Development Bank

Due to COVID19 pandemic, the world suddenly engaged in the biggest distance learning experiment in history. Hence, the discussion on how to use technology in education is extremely relevant. But where to start the education system reform?

This book examines transforming education for the new normal and the systematic changes it requires. It looks at systems in which technology is plugged in as part of a whole. It presents successful cases of Finland, Korea, Uruguay, United States, and Estonia and discusses the enabling factors. The book’s chapters illustrate through different experiences and pathways that transforming education is not just about bringing in technology. It is about adopting a new vision and making the systems more flexible and adaptable to new circumstances.

In the book, Linnar Viik, Programme Director of Smart Governance analyses Estonian experience of EdTech reform.

The book was edited by María Mercedes Mateo-Berganza Díaz and Changha Lee and published by the Inter-American Development Bank.

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