Managing assets and metadata

Implementing asset and metadata management yields benefits such as enhanced organisation, accessibility, content reuse, consistency, collaboration, security, analytics, and scalability. These advantages lead to increased productivity, data control, and efficiency in managing digital assets for organisations and countries of all sizes.

Asset and metadata management is a continuous process. It requires collaboration among various teams, user engagement, and regular reassessment to ensure the system remains aligned with your organisation’s evolving needs and objectives.

At eGA, our team possesses unique strategic insights and hands-on experience in asset and metadata management, both in Estonia and worldwide. Partner with eGA to gain access to a dedicated team that understands technology but keeps people at the heart of everything it does.

What we provide

eGA’s support for asset and metadata management includes the following:

  • Defining requirements
  • Selecting a suitable system
  • Mapping out the implementation process
  • Preparing and organising assets
  • Defining metadata schema
  • Training users
  • Handling migration and integration
  • Establishing governance and workflows
  • Testing, monitoring, and maintaining the system