Supporting capacity building implementation

To drive your country’s digital transformation, effective capacity building is crucial, requiring the implementation of strategic plans at various levels. During the implementation phase, our focus is on cultivating a mindset shift and equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and practical skills. The eGA team assists you in developing digital skills in the public sector, including IT professionals, while empowering end-users, including citizens and stakeholders.

At eGA, our team of seasoned governance, engagement and policy experts boasts a proven track record in Estonia and worldwide. Partner with us to benefit from a broad perspective and diverse expertise in your capacity building and digital skills initiatives.

What we provide

eGA’s support for upskilling and reskilling the public sector and citizens includes the following:

  • Developing policy and framework documents, roadmaps and action plans, and assisting in their implementation
  • Creating job descriptions for digitalisation competencies and skills
  • Conducting stakeholder workshops
  • Creating learning and development curricula
  • Delivering training of trainers (ToT) programmes
  • Piloting digital skills community training programmes
  • Developing and launching awareness-raising campaigns