Planning stakeholder engagement

In the realm of digital transformation, involving all relevant stakeholders is vital for designing, creating and implementing policies, services, projects and initiatives. Navigating this transformation successfully requires a strategic approach to stakeholder engagement.

Our clients can expect a scalable and systematic method for engaging stakeholders, fostering inclusive and embedded decision-making systems, and achieving equitable and resilient outcomes. Well-crafted and executed engagement strategies enhance trust and bolster government credibility.

eGA’s experts have broad theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in formulating engagement strategies and supporting our clients to build a sustainable and systematic approach to stakeholder collaboration.

What we provide

eGA’s support for preparing stakeholder engagement plans in the context of digital transformation initiatives includes the following:

  • Identifying problems, determining desired outcomes and defining key performance indicators
  • Mapping stakeholders and clarifying their roles
  • Selecting appropriate engagement and communication channels
  • Conveying messages about values and the overall process to all stakeholders
  • Designing a strategy with clearly outlined objectives, deadlines, tasks and resources
  • Tracking key performance indicators for monitoring, evaluation, learning and timely adjustments