Podcast 🎧 : How do Finland and Estonia benefit from the cross-border secure data exchange?

02.06.2021 | Anu Vahtra-Hellat

In today’s episode Ville Sirviö, the CEO of the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS), casts light on how to get digital data securely running between two countries, based on the X-road trust federation, and how citizens of Finland and Estonia have benefited from it.

As we know, Finland and Estonia are exchanging data of their population and business registers, and also their tax boards. Moreover, the information of medical prescriptions is also available across borders. Ville explains the enablers of making such data exchange happen, and NIIS’ role in all of this.

Wondering how many countries have already functional X-Roads, or is the X-Road functional in your country as well? Tune in to find out!

The podcast is hosted by Federico Plantera.

After the episode, you are welcome to learn more about how the X-road has been implemented globally, and could benefit your country at x-road.global