Podcast šŸŽ§: How to make people more cyber-wise?

02.02.2022 | ega

Behind a successful cyber attack, it is very often the poor cyber hygiene of internet users or employees of an organisation, as revealed by the analysis of cyber incidents. Thus, the demand of being cyber-wise concerns every citizen, and the government as well.

In this episode,Ā Lauri Tankler, lead analyst of theĀ Estonian Information System Authority,Ā andĀ Merle Maigre, senior expert on cybersecurity and former director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, shed light on what mistakes people make the most in cyberspace, what is the governmentā€™s responsibility in raising peoples’ awareness of cybersecurity, and what could be done better based on the experience of the EU Member States.

Moreover, Lauri Tankler tells us in more detail how Estonia is raising cyber-wise people and what are the challenges they face.Ā  The episode is hosted by Federico Plantera. Tune in!

The discussion is based on the report ‘Raising awareness of cybersecurity‘ that presents case studies of the EU Member States and provides recommendations for the experts of the National Authorities responsible for the design and the implementation of cybersecurity awareness-raising campaigns, in the following four areas: building capacities for cybersecurity awareness, regular assessments of trends and challenges, measuring cybersecurity behaviour and planning cybersecurity awareness campaigns.

Explore more of theĀ reportĀ compiled by eGA experts within the project ā€˜ENISA: Research of Awareness Raising Activitiesā€˜!


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