Podcast 🎧: Digital health security and vaccination certificates

17.03.2021 | Anu Vahtra-Hellat


The COVID19 pandemic has created a new reality for the healthcare sector, globally testing its limits. The European Commission, along with the World Health Organisation, is looking for a scalable digital infrastructure for secure vaccination certification to help governments to reopen societies and economies.

In this episode, Merle Maigre, the organizer of the Digital Transformation Talks introduces the digital health security discussions that will take place on 24 March online. The discussion will focus on digital health solutions and challenges governments and the health sector is facing. β€œFor credible future digital health solutions, we need people to understand better both the medical and the cyber security challenges,” is Merle Maigre convinced.

The podcast is hosted by Federico Plantera.

For more information about the event, visit the Digital Transformation Talks’ website ega.ee/ehealthsecurity .